Applications of heat pipe

Following are the major heat pipe applications

Waste Heat Recovery

Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers are being used in the industry to recover the waste heat from the process industry which is rejected to the air from chimneys. This waste heat is then used to preheat the fresh air going into the combustion chamber or water entering the boilers, saving enormous amounts of fuel.

Plastic Moulding and Die Casting

Heat Pipes are used mainly to reduce the solidification and cooling time of the products in plastic moulding and die casting tools. This helps in increasing the productivity of moulds. Apart from this, Heat Pipes are also used for eliminating local hotspots and even heating thus improving the quality of product. It has also been observed that use of Heat Pipe increases the life of moulds.

Solar Heating

Thermosyphons commonly known as gravity operated wick-less Heat Pipes are commonly used in solar water heating applications. The main advantages of using thermosyphons in solar water heaters are elimination of clogging of tubes due to saline water and reduction in heat loss due to a known property of thermosyphons of acting as thermal diodes (ability to transfer heat in only one direction).

Oil Cooling

Heat Pipe based oil coolers, due to their very low operating energy requirements have proved to be very beneficial in various equipments such as closed loop heat exchangers and hydraulic power packs.

Electronics Cooling

With reduced size in electronic components, there is an increased demand of thermal management in electronic equipments. As Heat Pipes have a capacity to handle very high heat fluxes, the use of heat pipes in electronics cooling has become very common in the industry.

Aerospace and Defence Applications

As Heat Pipes can be designed to operate in the widest range of temperatures ranging from 4K to 3000K, they can be used in almost any type of environment. This makes their use attractive in thermal management of equipments in satellites where there is an absence of gravitational force and in defence applications where the equipments are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.